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L9963E does not work in direct SPI mode (SPIEN = 1)

I am using EVAL-9963EFrom datasheet, when SPIEN pin of L9963E is connected to VCOM and R43, R46, R57, R138, R139, R140, R141, R143 are assembled, L9963E is now ready to use direct SPI (normal SPI without isolation). 1 MCU communicates with 1 L9963E o...

PHoan.2 by Associate
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SPI Register Map

I've selected L99LD21 LED driver for my application. I need SPI register map for configuring the device. Could anybody support me please.

SShar.20 by Associate
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Resolved! Min. SPI Baudrate PowerStep01

According to the datasheet of the powerstep01 driver, a minimal baudrate of 5MHz has to be respected for the SPI interface. Is there any technical reason for that or can a lower (lets say <1MHz) baudrate be used for communication?

pf8645 by Associate II
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Getting real time ADC data out of STPM32

Apart from the V_RMS, I_RMS, power and energy (all aggregated), is it possible to output the ADC readings real time over SPI? I am looking to get 8k samples of I and V out of it. As of it was a pure ADC, with the filtering, but without the calculatio...

Fanuc30 by Associate II
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SPI interface AD9484 (STM32F765NI)

Hello,we are new on this products.The connection is between stm32f765ni mcu to the AD9484 device under Half-Duplex spi communication.From the datasheet what we understand is the following procedure:HW:First Bit: MSBData Size: 16 BitsBaud RAte: 27.0 M...

MikeS1 by Associate
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Opto-coupler for L6470 ?

Posted on May 21, 2018 at 16:33It is necessary to apply a opto-coupler between an SPI Master and the L6470 circuit on the X-NUCLEO-IHM02A1 board ? I could not find any information about galvanic isolation in L6470 documentation.#x-nucleo-ihm02a1 #op...

Interfacing STLED316 with Atmega

Posted on August 01, 2016 at 22:00Hello! With Atmega regular hardware SPI, data transfer is 8-bit. Hence, when asserting commands, followed by receiving/transmitting data from/to STLED, each transmission will look like 2 8-bit packets separated by h...

hexel2 by Associate II
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