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STWBC86 stops working after a few days

Hi,I have a array of 2x5 STWBC86 on a aluminium plate to make a charging station for multiple devices. They are all connected to a common 5V source and decoupled by a small filter of Ferrite bead and MLCC.After testing them for a while i let them res...

S3rr4 by Associate II
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Resolved! WBC86TX and WLC38RX inband communication

Hello everyone,I have the STEVAL WBC86TX and RLC38RX evalboard here and I am currently testing them with the STSW-WPStudio.In my application I want to implement an custom inband communication between RX <--> TX. It seems that there is the possibility...

simonh by Associate
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Problems setting up the STWLC38

Hello, We plan to use the STWLC38 for power in a new wearable design. We purchased the STEVAL-WLC38RX and STEVAL-WBC86TX kits to get familiar and experiment with the ICs. Now we are trying to adapt the Rx of the STEVAL-WLC38RX as used in a wearable d...

Resolved! STWBC86 GPIO registers

Hello, I'd like to use GPIO00 ... GPIO04 as outputs to select the used coil from a coil array for power transmitting.  I've seen the i2c addresses of the GPIO's configuration at 0x30 and followed. I'm wondering what address is foreseen to read or wri...


Hello, I am on the RX FOD Tunning (BPP) phase, and I have a question.   In the document, it is written - Reading Ptx and Prx is done automatically when using STEVAL- WBC86TX . But I am using just custom board, so I recorded the power from the  "Chart...

JAKE2 by Associate III
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STWBC86 use for bi-directional communication

STWBC86 TX can be use for bi-directional communication, when rx send PP-packet as QI defined, STWBC86 update to 1251 version and use GUI to read i2c reg address 0x0100, and it can read RX PP-packet. https://github.com/STwirelesscharger/STSW-WPSTUDIO/...

willzhou by ST Employee
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Resolved! STWBC86 FTP

Hello,   I recently designed a wireless transmitter utilizing STWBC86, however, I have encountered a boot issue due to an empty FTP memory. I have been searching for firmware and a GUI to upload the firmware into the FTP, but have not had any success...

YChan.2 by Associate
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