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ADコン�?ータ―�?�電�?VDDA�?�ノイズ�?��?�る�?�変�?�データ�?�ノイズ�?��?��?�れる VDD�?�別�?�ノイズ�?�少�?��?�電�?�?�VDDA�?�供給�?��?��?�。ADC�?�高PSRR�?��?��?��?��?

VDD�?��?�電�?�?�ノイズ�?��?�り�?�??れを使用�?��?�ADC�?�VDDA�?�ノイズを供給�?�る�?��?変�?��?�れ�?�データ�?�ノイズ�?�混入�?��?��?�。VDDA�?�ノイズフリー電�?を供給�?��?��?�。VDDA�?�VDD�?��?��?�電�?を使用�?�る必�?�?��?�る�?��?��?��?�を教�?��?��??�?��?��?�。Eng: If there is noise in the power supply to ...

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STPM34 Setting and calibration

Hi all,I am working on project with STPM34. I am trying to retrieve RMS voltage and current values using minishell from STSW-STPM003 basic firmware.I used 0x00000018 as config (met setup 0 0x05 0x00000018)But when I run met metro 6 1 1 1 1 1, I recei...

Resolved! Noisy ADC measures on shunt for L6206PD

Posted on November 02, 2017 at 14:22I am seeing very noisy measurements on shunt adc.I attached schematics and gerbers.Could suggest how to eliminate noise on adc lines (line connected to shunt and going to STM32F303 chip?regards#adc #l6206pd #noise