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Issue with PWD13F60 driving dc brushed motor

I am using a EVALPWD13F60 and a stm32f103c8 bluepill to drive a small DC brushed motor. When duty cycle is above about 30%, the motor starts to oscillate. I couldn't figure what's wrong with my circuit and code. thanks.

DZhou.4 by Associate
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Reading from STPM32 ic by STM32F103. is it an Error?

Hi Guys,I use STM32F103 with STPM32(single phase electric meter ic) evaluation board. i used of stpm002 firmware to connect with stpm32 and read measured data from it. like RMS voltage and.....  I want activate LED1(It connected to pin 4 of STPM32) ,...


How to control stusb1602 using stm32f103

I wanna to implement USBPD with stusb1602 and stm32f103.have 3 USBPD Port and implement control and operation with stm32f103.but i could not find any related information. According to document, that need to use stm32f072 to implement USBPD. ans so is...

MLee.14 by Associate
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Posted on May 08, 2017 at 17:03Why does my BLDC motor stop during acceleration 2 ? Hello,I bought a STSPIN32F0 and i try to run this board with a BLDC Motor. But the first 3-4 seconds is working then stops. The same problem with me onhttps://communi...