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Identification of blown items.

Hi Can anyone id this st device please...Its from a porsche cayenne bms module...vehicle been in a crash and this has blown.... I have id from the another identical item on the board...st-6-6bky z916... This ive found is coming back as thishttps://ww...

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Resolved! power MOSFET spice models

I am trying to get the spice model for STW3N170  MOSFET, it does not seem to be with the other info for the devive.Any help appreciated. Paul

PDB_IW by Associate
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Resolved! LDL212PUR bypass capacitor requirements

Hi all. The data sheet for the LDL212PUR low dropout linear regulator does nor specify the quality of the input and output bypass capacitors with regard to ESR or loss tangent requirements.  Most LDO regulators require at least one low ESR bypass cap...

SteveD by Associate
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Resolved! STUSB4710(A) doesn't output power

Dear Team, I recently created a custom PCB where I wanted to implement the STUSB4710(A) for charging a phone and other accessories. The STUSB4710 should be plug and play without the need of configuring the PDO because it is already selected. I based ...

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L78M thermal characteristics for junction-to-board?

Hello,thermal data of the L78M show junction-to-ambient thermal resistance (θJA) and junction-to-case thermal resistance (θJC) for different packages (e.g., TO-220 and DPAK). Those figures differ, of course. Note that the datasheet provides no juncti...

Dan K. by Associate II
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spice model for STN4NF20L pin ordering

Looking at the ST spice model for  STN4NF20L i see only .SUBCKT STN4NF20L 1 2 3 There is no text note in the spice model file as to what the assumed pin ordering may be. The nodes in the model have no helpful names like DRAIN GATE SOURCE. Yes I can f...

STD18NF25 [SOA] [Power Dissipation Derating]

HelloI have a question regarding SOA of STD18NF25.How should we consider derating when Ta=100℃?What is the calculation method if there is no graph for [Power Dissipation Derating Curve]?MOSFET is used as a low side switch.Each voltage and current con...

CBR600RR by Associate
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