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L9026 Device ID Value

Recently started working on the L9026 Device,  as an initial setup, trying to read the Device ID.   With The L9026 Evaluation board Device ID is read as 0x55, With L9026 Placed on the Our Target Board, Device ID is read as 0x56,  Was surprised with t...

STEVAL-L99615C demo load doesn't work

Hi,Now I work with the STEVAL-L99615C board and have some problem with it. I don't have an 5-cell board, so I connect charger and all needed saignals directly to the board. The board is configured to work in HS. GUI demo version 2.0.0.  Emb. version ...

MXliv.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Charge pump circuit capacitor selection VNF1048F

Hello,I was checking the evaluvation board of VNF1048F for a efuse application to control motor drive. I wish to know how the capcitors for the charge pump selected in the evaluvation board. I am able to see 470nF in the evaluvation board schematics....

srnath by Associate
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MASTERGAN4L Radiation Tolerance

I've been working with the MASTERGAN4L dev board to drive a transformer. This is for a purpose that will have to survive travel through deep space. I have a discretized roughly equivalent circuit made out of explicitly radiation tolerant / space rate...


Hello!I would like to clarify, can I use octal low-side driver E-L9823013TR in daisy chain SPI configuration?Regards, Val

Valeryi by Associate
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Resolved! Transistor configuration for a heating mat (big load)

Hello everybody, I am currently designing a configuration utilizing two drivers to heat a mat, which is a resistor load requiring 24V and 3.3A. This component is commuted at 100 Hz. For this setup, I've employed two different drivers: the first one b...



Hi Dear I’d like to confirm how to read the date code of attached part. About 203,is that means year 2022,week 3?

Yoyo by Associate
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IPS1025H/IPS2050h datasheet update.

Hello,i'm using some ips2050h-32 and ips1025h-32 from last year. Checking the datasheets, on the revision history they result been modified on july 2023, on table1, FLTx pins. Compared to the old version, seems that now it's been added the disclaimer...

lgenn1 by Associate
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