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L9026 Device ID Value

Recently started working on the L9026 Device,  as an initial setup, trying to read the Device ID.   With The L9026 Evaluation board Device ID is read as 0x55, With L9026 Placed on the Our Target Board, Device ID is read as 0x56,  Was surprised with t...

AEK-COM-ISOSPI1 (L9963T): Unable to get isoSPI Output

Dear Community Members,I was exploring AEK-COM-ISOSPI1, SPI to isoSPI dongle, based on L9963T transceiver for one of my new project. I wanted to make use of this interface product for a simulating software that runs on a Teensy 4.0 microcontroller. I...

akm_369 by Associate II
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VNL5030J-E Propagation Delay failing

Hello STmicro Team, I have done a propagation delay analysis using VNL5030J-E. The Delay-on time, rise time and delay-off time does not matches with the datasheet Values. Please check and let me know your feedback in this. I am attaching here the sna...

Priya2 by Visitor
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I would like to know the working principle of the charger bump for MH98, as well as the working principles of CPOUT, CP1, and CP2. Why can the voltage of the bootstrap capacitor reach 11.3V when VDH = 6V? In other words, why can the voltage of CP rea...

Please reply my question regarding L9369 GIO

I am writing because I have a question about the L9369 chip. The second case of above table ( SPI_GIOx_HSCtrl == 0 and SPI_Off_Giox == 1) , Output  is set to HIGH. I'm curious why GIOx Output is HIGH when SPI_GIOx_HSCtrl is 0.  Thank you.


Do you have a solution for wBMS?

Hi~   I am curious about the solution which referred to the wBMS I heard that you have BMS solution SOC. But I haven't heard about the wBMS. If you have, please let me know it   Many thanks BRs Daniel Lim

Question about VN9D5D20F fallback PWM clock behavior

I am evaluating the VN9D5D20F 4-channel high-side driver for a design (https://www.st.com/en/automotive-analog-and-power/vn9d5d20f.html).According to the datasheet, the PWM clock should be provided via the PWM_CLK input, but there's also this note ab...

Dazai by Associate
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SPI L9026 frame counter value

good morning, i ave a question. This indication relating to the "frame counter value" appears in the manual of L9026."As additional safety feature, the protocol is also equipped with 1 PARITY bit (odd parity) and a 1 bit frame counter;the frame count...

STUSB4700 application without I2C conifuration

What happens if I use STUSB4700 in my application but I do not communicate with the STUSB4700 over I2C? Will the STUSB4700 negotiate a contract as a source with the sinking device and offer the PS FB voltages which are connected to the GPIO? I would ...

smattmul by Associate
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