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Resolved! WBC86TX and WLC38RX inband communication

Hello everyone,I have the STEVAL WBC86TX and RLC38RX evalboard here and I am currently testing them with the STSW-WPStudio.In my application I want to implement an custom inband communication between RX <--> TX. It seems that there is the possibility...

simonh by Associate
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Problems setting up the STWLC38

Hello, We plan to use the STWLC38 for power in a new wearable design. We purchased the STEVAL-WLC38RX and STEVAL-WBC86TX kits to get familiar and experiment with the ICs. Now we are trying to adapt the Rx of the STEVAL-WLC38RX as used in a wearable d...

stwlc38 firmware download issues

We use wireless charger RX IC stwlc38, though we tried to write firmware which provided by the link https://github.com/STwirelesscharger/STWLC38_NUCLEO_L476RG, but we met the CUT id mismatch during firmware writing via I2C interface and then the F/W ...

daveoh by Associate
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STWLC38: GUI connect No response

Hello, I have a custom board with a STWLC38JRM. Everything was fine and I was able to flash it with STSW-WPSTUDIO v1.8.4 through the dev board STEVAL-WLC38RX and FT_SDA/FT_SCL/VBUS/AGND pins. I try to make some test and I disabled internal overtemper...

jbie by Associate II
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We are using WLC38RX and wish to configure register setting usign the STSW-WPSTUDIO . However we do not have the EVK. Can we set the registers in the app and save the file? We need the basic config of 5V supply for battery charging, 100mA normal and ...

plawat by Associate III
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Hello, I am on the RX FOD Tunning (BPP) phase, and I have a question.   In the document, it is written - Reading Ptx and Prx is done automatically when using STEVAL- WBC86TX . But I am using just custom board, so I recorded the power from the  "Chart...

JAKE2 by Associate III
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Resolved! Using a STWLC38 with an optional USB-C charging

I'm looking for a reference schematic where I can use the STWLC38 for Qi charging, but the Qi charging will be disabled when a USB-C is plugged in. I also need the USB-C Vbus to be isolated from the connector while the Qi charging is active. I'd real...


Resolved! STWLC38 driver code

Hi, We have integrated the STWLC38 as receiver for our device. We want to know how to read the registers to know the status of charging, voltage and Current. https://github.com/STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers/tree/main this gives patc...

plawat by Associate III
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Resolved! STWLC38 TX mode

Hello, I am trying to use one pair of STWLC38 in TX and RX mode each. And here are my questions. 1) I could find the firmware for RX in ST website, but not the firmware for TX. Does the RX firmware include TX configuration as well? 2) When I debug th...

YChan.2 by Associate
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