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L6480 UVLO-Bit problem. Can't get it flip to 1.

Hello,I use the EVAL6480 Board and the STM32 F446RE as MCU to communicate to the driver.My Steppermotor [1] (not exactly this but very similar) has oer phase a resistance of 1,2 ohm.My Problem is that the motor does not turn because the UVLO flag is ...

Evdsl.1 by Associate II
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Explanation of Pil simulation times in Simulink

Hello, i'm here to ask you becouse i not understand how improve (if possible) the time spees in PiL mode. i've build my FOC+Space Vector compute model on simulink (there are sin, cos functions for Park Transforms ) with fixed step size of 1us, and 1....



Hello,I am using STPM32 to monitor the voltage and current. When I refer the datasheet of STPM32 it shows we can directly get the power and energy value from STPM32. I am using STM32F429 as my MCU and using UART communication with STPM32. Please tell...

How to get STSW-L9907-H , a GUI for EVAL-L9907-H?

Can someone tell me how to download / where to find the GUI (STSW-L9907-H) for the evaluation board EVAL-L9907-H?A user manual (UM2119) is available, but the software itself is missing from the repository. STSW-L9907-H: https://my.st.com/content/my_s...

vmekr by Associate II
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Terminal Emulator COMM and X-CUBE SPN11

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 20:21Trying to communicate to a X-Nucleo IHM11M1 demo board and the Nucleo-F401RE using Tera Term and the IHM11M1 does NOT respond to sent commands.  I am running the X-Cube-SPN11 software sucessfully by uploading it to t...


L9942 - Motor lose some microsteps

Posted on August 08, 2013 at 20:17I want to control a stepper motor (http://pt.farnell.com/astrosyn/163/stepper-motor-1-8deg-5v/dp/9598650) with L9942 from ST.But i have some problem because the motor dont rotate uniformly (lose some step): My curre...

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jdiogo10 by Associate
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