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AEK-COM-ISOSPI1 (L9963T): Unable to get isoSPI Output

Dear Community Members,I was exploring AEK-COM-ISOSPI1, SPI to isoSPI dongle, based on L9963T transceiver for one of my new project. I wanted to make use of this interface product for a simulating software that runs on a Teensy 4.0 microcontroller. I...

akm_369 by Associate II
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Do you have a solution for wBMS?

Hi~   I am curious about the solution which referred to the wBMS I heard that you have BMS solution SOC. But I haven't heard about the wBMS. If you have, please let me know it   Many thanks BRs Daniel Lim


Hi, I am MURALI SELVAM from India, We are plan to build the circuit for Battery Monitoring circuit for which I select L9963E so someone give me suggestion for ensure L9963E part number is suitable for my project, My battery spec is "6S 25200 mA/h so ...

murali by Associate III
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USB Device Not Recognized for STBC08PMR

Hello,On my custom designed PCB, there is a USB port for battery charging and programming ESP32 microcontroller. When I plug in to the PC, I get "USB Not recognized" message. In addition, the two LEDs are light up. In the datasheet of the charger IC ...

AE104 by Senior
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STEVAL-L99615C demo load doesn't work

Hi,Now I work with the STEVAL-L99615C board and have some problem with it. I don't have an 5-cell board, so I connect charger and all needed saignals directly to the board. The board is configured to work in HS. GUI demo version 2.0.0.  Emb. version ...

MXliv.1 by Associate
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Resolved! L6924D random status pin flicker in shutdown

Hello,i have a board with 10 L6924D on it, the schematic of each channel is derived from STEVAL-ISA076V1(*). Charging works as planned, CC/CV, correct max voltage and charge current and charge-end-current. Both status pins are connected to LEDs as on...

DoMl by Associate
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STEVAL-L99615C Faultn-Severe OV

Dear Friends,I am facing an issue while testing the demos found online for this board, even though I have checked my battery pack and all the cells have an equal voltage still it is indicating for me that cell 5 has a severe under voltage as seen in ...