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Resolved! STPMIC1APQR does not always turn on.

I have a circuit with pmic STPMIC1APQR and STM32MP157DAA1 processor. For reference, I take STM32MP157A-EV1.There are cases when STPMIC1APQR does not turn on every time you turn on the power (1 time out of 20-50 turns on). At the same time, the input ...

vvlad.1 by Associate II
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STPMIC1 I2C program

I have a STPMIC1E on my board, it is used with a STM32MP157 chip. I am currently trying to program the PMIC IC via the GUI but it won't connect to the bus. It says USB to I2C bus not connected. Any ideas?Thanks

Na.11 by Associate II
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STPMIC1 simulation models

Hello all,I'm designing a custom board based on MP1 familly and I'm using the STPMIC1APQR PMIC. To validate my design, I would like to simulate it. ​Is there any SPICE (Or IBIS etc) model of the PMIC available that can allow me to progress on that po...

Resolved! What should I do with STPMIC1 unused pins ?

Hello,I'm designing a board based on STM32MP1 and we decided to use the STPMIC1A to manage the power. The board is really simple and so we use only the bucks (1 for core, 2 for ddr, 3 for vdd and 4 for extra 3.3). All others (LDOs; boost and switches...

Port SPN3 motor-control examples to DK2?

We are considering using a combination of the stm32mp157 and several powerSTEP01 devices in a system with multiple stepper-motors.The X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 plugs into the -DK2 just fine, but the SPN3 examples only work on the F0xx, F3xx, F4xx, and L0xx se...