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I would like to know the working principle of the charger bump for MH98, as well as the working principles of CPOUT, CP1, and CP2. Why can the voltage of the bootstrap capacitor reach 11.3V when VDH = 6V? In other words, why can the voltage of CP rea...

Help identify the component

I ask for help in identifying the componentBelow I give the marking on the component that is installed in the power supply circuit.Manufacturer: STMicroelectronicsLADGP551

TioSin by Associate
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L6235Q - Using DIR with PWM signal (DT0001)

I found an aplication (ST Design Tip - DT0001), that suggests a way of controlling motor speed, using a PWM signal on the DIR input.  Works fine for speed.  Note: we are not using a micro as shown in the DT90001. We are using our design.  And using P...

MikeSD by Associate
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Resolved! How to evaluate LED7708 with more than 16 channels

I am running a STEVAL-ILL035V1 board using software downloaded from your site.Downloaded software is LED_DRIVER_GUI7708_1.0.1_130722.exe.Then I connected an additional board STEVAL-ILL035V2 and changed SW7 on ...V1.But now I am not able to control th...


Resolved! L6472 output voltage detected on motor supply

Hello,      I have a board based on the stepper driver L6472. I noticed that, when I do not provide input 12V for the motor (the motor 12V but I provide the 3.3V for the logic (VREG, VDD, SW), I find a voltage of about 2.6V on the VSA, VSB pins. I tr...

MRaff.1 by Associate III
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