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Hello ST Team,We are observing that LEDs are minor glowing, during turn off condition due to leakage current. As per our application we are not not using any PWM configuration for LEDs. We are just making LEDs turn ON/OFF as per application requireme...

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kadam by Associate II
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AL1262ZT burn OTP I2C address

We've developed prototype board with 3 pcs AL1262ZT (https://www.st.com/en/power-management/aled1262zt.html). As a 'fresh device' it has 0x40 I2C address and it's need to specify unique addr (0x42, 0x44, 0x46) by burn OTP register.Our procedure:1. en...

owiec by Associate
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Resolved! Controlling WS2812B LED Strip With STM32

Hello,I'm new to STM32 and trying to learn exciting stuff. I want to light a single LED from my WS2812B strip. For example I will choose 6th LED on my computer and 6th LED on strip will light up.But I'm not sure where to start. How can I access to si...

salvi.a by Associate II
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ALED6001 analog Dimming instable at discontinuity points

Hi, I did a PCB based on the ALED6001 and using the eDesign Suite.I want to use analog dimming only and wired it up similar than in the STEVAL-ILL072V1.Best case i wanted to achieve a 0-100% dimming but it was clear that, due to that curve provided i...

Knochi by Associate
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Disabling open load detection in L99LDLH32 driver

Hi, I am using the L99LDLH32 driver in an application in which some of the output pins of the driver are in open load, the problem is that in this way an open load fault is generated by the driver, deactivating all the output channels. Is it possible...

individual LED driver

Hi frds,I've choose blue color led, that led works mention voltage & current, but my doubts is i choosed driver led driver for each LED, Which one is best ?, pls  suggest anyone....This part no'sLED2001PHLED2000DRST1CC40DR  


Resolved! VN5050AJ CS_DIS not working

We have a new design were we have multiple VN5050AJ high side drivers. We have connected all current sense pins together and want to enable just one current sense per time to save analog inputs. Now it seems that the CS_DIS pin is ignored and the chi...

rkager by Associate
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LED Driver Design using EVL012LED, STNRG012, SRK2001

In Design of LED Driver using EVAL012LED 200W power supply. Output Voltage of EV B is 56V, but requirement is 24V for LED STRIP Load and had made changes in EV B to get the 24V at output side.  Dimming Voltage is at DIM 1 pin in schematic, at 100mV D...

KumarTP by Associate II
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