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GUI L99615C Software issue

Hello,I have a problem with connection L99615 with dedicated software STSW-L99615C. First of all, there is no automatic connection to the com port (I read that it is possible, so I made it manually but it still looks strange - one time I saw that my ...

jojoanaa by Associate
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Switch between VBAT and VDD without removing VDD

My device has various connected sensors and peripherals. The device is intended to go to sleep for extended periods of time before waking up and taking measurements. Currently, the main VDD is a large external battery and VBAT is a coin cell used to ...

MVeen.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use STEVAL-IPMM10B for voltages lower than 125 VDC?

Hi. I am interested in using the STEVAL-IPMM10B evaluation board to drive a BLDC motor with the voltage rating of 50 V. The evaluation board user manual says, it works for 125-400 VDC. Is there any way I can use this board for lower voltages? Thanks.

AShag.1 by Associate
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Hello team, I am now using STEVAL-STWINKT1 board to realize low-power online monitoring. But when I put the board into stop mode, the current consumption is still about ~10mA. Is that normal? And any solutions to reduce the power consumption? Thanks, Xiao

Hi, here are the steps I conducted:Disable all unused sensors; stop all timers; stop ADC. Enter stop mode: ( HAL_PWR_EnterSTOPMode(PWR_LOWPOWERREGULATOR_ON, PWR_STOPENTRY_WFI);Use LPTIM1 to wake up.And here are my questions:I used integrated current ...

YXiao.3 by Associate
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Configure GPIO after Wake-up from Standby mode

Hello everyone,I have a problem, to ensure GPIO initialisation after a wake-up from standby mode... if (__HAL_PWR_GET_FLAG(PWR_FLAG_SB) != RESET) { HAL_PWREx_DisablePullUpPullDownConfig(); __HAL_PWR_CLEAR_FLAG(PWR_FLAG_SB); // clear du flag...