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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.16.0 released

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.16.0 release informationNew features:• Added the support for the STM32U0 series– Flash memory/option byte/OTP programming via the debug and bootloader interfaces– RDP regression with password• Added the support for the STM32H7R...

How to change scaling or font size on Linux

Hi, StM32CubeProgrammer shows up realy tiny on my Linux laptop screen (2560:1600), please see screenshot.Something similar happened to STM32CubeMx inside the IDE, I could fix that starting the IDE withGDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5 GDK_SCALE=2 /opt/st/stm32cubeid...

CDenk.1 by Associate II
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GDPR compliance of CubeIDE and CubeProgrammer?

I just downloaded and installed both STM32CubeIDE and STM32CubeProgrammer.They both forcibly installed with user-spying phone-home features how I use the software, while only mentioning how to disable the feature after they have been installed.So, th...

SOlen.1 by Associate II
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Unable to read device id from ROM table

Hi everyone,I have a st-link v2 with the STM32cube programmer on a windows 10 PC. My target is a ISP30301 ( nrf 518222) . If i try to connect to the target , it says "Unable to read device id from ROM table". (after the hardware reset is done) . What...

fpatr.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32CubeProgrammer doesn't show DBANK option byte

Hi !I'm using STM32CubeProgrammer v2.12.0 (according to the updater it is the latest at this time) and I want to enable Dualbank on my Nucleo board.The Nucleo board is a NUCLEO-L476RG and is correctly recognized as such: However in the Option bytes -...

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SDpy.1 by Associate II
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