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I am trying to migrate from cubeProgrammer 2.15 to 2.16I am using same exact command with both versionsbin/STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe -c port=usb1 -w "rusefi.bin" 0x08000000 -v -swith 2.15 output isMemory Programming ... Opening and parsing file: rusef...
Wanted to follow up on ticket number: 120183Internal ticket number: 144023
I've just downloaded 2.13 but I am unable to find release notes for it looks like these were not updated yet?My real question is if Internal ticket number: 144023 was addressed within that release
stm32cube software is unable to program over 512Kb of binary into STM32F767ZG which is a 1MB part due to wrong identification as 2MB partWe first reported this back in 2021 as
i have stm32f429, I am happily updating firmware via DFUSTM32_Programmer_CLI.exe -c port=usb1 -w deliver/rusefi.hex --verify --start 0x08000000(STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe version 2.9.0)and I get "start operation achieved successfully" but code does not...
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