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Arduino for STM32MP1 will arrive!

Hi guys,I just wanted to share my work: STM32MP1 port for Arduino is merged! I have spent months on this work. this merge, you can run Arduino on the M4 coporcessor and it can use the Ardui...

STM32MP1 QSPI Boot problem

Hello everyone,   I'm curently working on a custom STM32MP1 board with a QSPI Nor flash. The NOR Flash seems to work perfectly in Uboot Basic after the modification we have done. The Data are MD5 checked and the SPL is at address 0x0 of the NOR Flash...

Resolved! How to configure GPIO on STM32MP157A-DK1 board?

Hello everyone, I use the STM32MP157A-DK1 on my project but I have a problem1- In the CubeMX, when you want to use a GPIO in output or input, why can not we select the context (cortex A7 or cortex M4)?2- When you set a GPIO as an output or input to C...

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