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Toggling PA10

I'm trying to use PA10 to drive a simple LED (custom board), but the I/O doesn't switch at all.PA10 is not used in any of the device trees. gpioinfo gpiochip0reports the I/O as "unused" and "output", but switching the I/O with gpioset gpiochip0 10=1d...

allard by Senior
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M4 freezing when initializing OpenAMP

I am working on developing firmware to run on the M4 coprocessor and I have been trying to do some basic testing using my own code and the OpenAMP_TTY_Echo example. I am debugging on an stm32mp157c-dk1 and I am using STM32CubeIDE. This issue is also ...

DShul.2 by Associate
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Resolved! Ethernet connection

I am following the link have connected the board to a LAN and the following result is obtained:Why don't i see the "inet xx.xx.xx....

SMang.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! MMC Device 0 not found

Hello,I have a custom board with an eMMC on it and with no SD card available. In the U-Boot device tree I have the following line (On sdmmc2 is my eMMC):aliases{ mmc0 = &sdmmc2; };The U-Boot seems to partly have a problem with it. ​Commands like "mm...

alenik-mm by Associate II
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probe of stmmac-0:01 failed with error -22

Hi,I am trying to use a STM32MP157C in combination with a lan9303 chip in mdio mode.when booting I get an error that says:LAN9303_MDIO: probe of stmmac-0:01 failed with error -22This prevents the driver from being loaded succesfully.I added the lan93...