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HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA() is not showing any data transmissiom or reception.(slave: Arduino nano as dummy sensor and stm32mp157C as master )

hello,I'm a new member here so if i am uploading this question in a wrong way please notify me.i am working at the moment with octavo board OSD32MP15x that integrates the STM32MP15x dual core Arm cortex A7 and an arm cortex m4.i am trying to run a si...

AWhic.1 by Associate
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Resolved! OP-TEE 3.17.0 makes board not booting anymore

Hi,I am using an official STM32MP157C-DK2 board.I tested to build OP-TEE 3.17.0 for stm32mp1 however the boot hangs.I am building OP-TEE OS using:make PLATFORM=stm32mp1 \ CROSS_COMPILE_core=arm-linux-gnueabihf- \ CROSS_COMPILE_ta_arm64=arm-linux-gnue...

syedelec by Associate III
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OpenGL context for drawing w/shaders

I’m new to the stm32mp1, I’m struggling to figure out how to get SDL2 working with OpenGL on the platform. I can create a window with SDL, but if I try to create an opengl window, I get a runtime error that GTX is not supported.I should note that my ...

NMayf.1 by Associate
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