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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution Mcu drive code GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_ST_WLC.7z...

willzhou by ST Employee
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SPI L9026 frame counter value

good morning, i ave a question. This indication relating to the "frame counter value" appears in the manual of L9026."As additional safety feature, the protocol is also equipped with 1 PARITY bit (odd parity) and a 1 bit frame counter;the frame count...


 Hello STM community.We developed a wireless charger based on the STWBC-MC chip.Our design follows exactly the ST Eval-Kit STEVAL-ISB047V1.No we are facing a problem with a customer, that the Foreign Object Detection (FOD) does not work stable. In so...



Dear Friends,I'm currently engaged in testing the STEVAL-l99615C board and experimenting with demo codes sourced online. I have a minor inquiry regarding the voltage output at pins CH+ and CH-. Despite my battery packs being at 14.1 V and the code in...

Resolved! How to evaluate LED7708 with more than 16 channels

I am running a STEVAL-ILL035V1 board using software downloaded from your site.Downloaded software is LED_DRIVER_GUI7708_1.0.1_130722.exe.Then I connected an additional board STEVAL-ILL035V2 and changed SW7 on ...V1.But now I am not able to control th...


STUSB4700 application without I2C conifuration

What happens if I use STUSB4700 in my application but I do not communicate with the STUSB4700 over I2C? Will the STUSB4700 negotiate a contract as a source with the sinking device and offer the PS FB voltages which are connected to the GPIO? I would ...

smattmul by Associate
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Question for Application note AN5734.

My company designs circuits and artwork upon request from customers.We are considering this project based on a customer's request to change the laser power supply to be compatible with worldwide use.While considering various things, I am also conside...

shinba by Associate
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Resolved! STPMIC1 issue

Hello.We are using the STPMIC1APQR with the electrical scheme shown in the figure.  We are using the outputs corresponding to BUCK4, LDO4, LDO2, and LDO1.The BUCK4 and LDO4 outputs have voltage at startup, however, the LDO1 and LDO2 outputs, although...

PAkRad by Associate III
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We are using WLC38RX and wish to configure register setting usign the STSW-WPSTUDIO . However we do not have the EVK. Can we set the registers in the app and save the file? We need the basic config of 5V supply for battery charging, 100mA normal and ...

plawat by Associate III
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Resolved! L6472 output voltage detected on motor supply

Hello,      I have a board based on the stepper driver L6472. I noticed that, when I do not provide input 12V for the motor (the motor 12V but I provide the 3.3V for the logic (VREG, VDD, SW), I find a voltage of about 2.6V on the VSA, VSB pins. I tr...

MRaff.1 by Associate III
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