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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution Mcu drive code GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_ST_WLC.7z...

willzhou by ST Employee
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SiC drive

For the SCT10N120 switching tube, I need a switching frequency of 7Mhz, is there any driver chip I can use?

hhh by Associate
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SPI L9026 frame counter value

good morning, i ave a question. This indication relating to the "frame counter value" appears in the manual of L9026."As additional safety feature, the protocol is also equipped with 1 PARITY bit (odd parity) and a 1 bit frame counter;the frame count...


 Hello STM community.We developed a wireless charger based on the STWBC-MC chip.Our design follows exactly the ST Eval-Kit STEVAL-ISB047V1.No we are facing a problem with a customer, that the Foreign Object Detection (FOD) does not work stable. In so...



Dear Friends,I'm currently engaged in testing the STEVAL-l99615C board and experimenting with demo codes sourced online. I have a minor inquiry regarding the voltage output at pins CH+ and CH-. Despite my battery packs being at 14.1 V and the code in...

Resolved! How to evaluate LED7708 with more than 16 channels

I am running a STEVAL-ILL035V1 board using software downloaded from your site.Downloaded software is LED_DRIVER_GUI7708_1.0.1_130722.exe.Then I connected an additional board STEVAL-ILL035V2 and changed SW7 on ...V1.But now I am not able to control th...


STUSB4700 application without I2C conifuration

What happens if I use STUSB4700 in my application but I do not communicate with the STUSB4700 over I2C? Will the STUSB4700 negotiate a contract as a source with the sinking device and offer the PS FB voltages which are connected to the GPIO? I would ...

smattmul by Associate
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Question for Application note AN5734.

My company designs circuits and artwork upon request from customers.We are considering this project based on a customer's request to change the laser power supply to be compatible with worldwide use.While considering various things, I am also conside...

shinba by Associate
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