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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution Mcu drive code GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_ST_WLC.7z...

willzhou by ST Employee
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Where is the Back-EMF on the STEVAL-ESC001V1 schematics ?

Hello,I am trying to develop my own sensorless motor control using the STEVAL-ESC001V1 Board. The motor used is a 6 poles BLDC motor. I have successfully been able to run the motor in open loop and it’s running well.In order to have feedback and esti...

GMich.4 by Associate
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Resolved! WLC dongle driver issues Unable to load DLL 'HidDongle.dll'

Many customer face dongle driver issues, most because Unable to load DLL 'HidDongle.dll'.  @sjones i post your request in the forum. Key points: This eval board has an on board FT260, which should take care of the I2C to USB (HID) interface without a...

willzhou by ST Employee
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STWLC98 and STWLC38 TX Mode

Hello,Is there already a solution available to use the STWLC98 or the STWLC38 in TX mode? Is there any application note or some other more detailed description for the TX mode? My problem is the following:I want to transmit 15W, but the STWBC86 can o...

simonh by Associate II
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STWBC86 stops working after a few days

Hi,I have a array of 2x5 STWBC86 on a aluminium plate to make a charging station for multiple devices. They are all connected to a common 5V source and decoupled by a small filter of Ferrite bead and MLCC.After testing them for a while i let them res...

S3rr4 by Associate II
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STEF01 Design Assistance

Hey everyone,I am currently working on adding the STEF01 eFuse to my design and I have run into a roadblock. For starters, I can't seem to get the eval board to function. I have added the resistors to the board and I have a load on the output side bu...

mkladis by Associate
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STCMB1 Second Level OCP Protection and Auxiliary Circuit

Hi,I am curious that how can ı choose electrolytic capacitor of auxiliary circuit? Firstly, I used 10uF electrolytic capacitor at Vcc pin.When I short circuit the output, the HB mosfets has failed.Then I notice that STCMB1 datasheet mention this topi...

MNafi by Associate
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STSPIN250 PWM current control

Hi, I am a bit confused about PWM motor driving. Is Vref the same value as Vavg of PWM? I tried to calculate the value of PWM current control but there have the result is not the same current value as I measured from a test, here are the parameters;R...

6ueiz by Associate
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STLINK-V3PWR power monitor.

Hi  I have been using the  NUCLEO-LPM01A board to measure current on my product, but I require to read up to 180ma . I have had a look at the STLINK-V3PWR unit, and can someone please let me know if I can simply use this wil the cube monitor power pr...