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Resolved! Series resistor in VSPI pin of EV-VNF1048F

Hello,I was wondering why a 1K resistor is connected in series with the VSPI pin of the EV-VNF1048F.The pin has a current consumption of 3mA. So does that make a drop of 3V ?

srnath by Associate II
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Resolved! Charge pump circuit capacitor selection VNF1048F

Hello,I was checking the evaluvation board of VNF1048F for a efuse application to control motor drive. I wish to know how the capcitors for the charge pump selected in the evaluvation board. I am able to see 470nF in the evaluvation board schematics....

srnath by Associate II
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MASTERGAN4L Radiation Tolerance

I've been working with the MASTERGAN4L dev board to drive a transformer. This is for a purpose that will have to survive travel through deep space. I have a discretized roughly equivalent circuit made out of explicitly radiation tolerant / space rate...


Hi,I am working with this driver for a full H-Bridge inverter application (DC-AC). My requirements exceed the current rating for the SiC MOSFETs I am using. I am planning on paralleling MOSFETs to meet the current requirements, so I would like to kno...

jnovoa by Associate
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I am designing a 200W 36V supply with STCMB1 driver, I am having problems with the circuit. The supply cannot supply the 6A of its capacity, it does not supply more than 800mA and the output voltage drops to 33V.

Problems setting up the STWLC38

Hello, We plan to use the STWLC38 for power in a new wearable design. We purchased the STEVAL-WLC38RX and STEVAL-WBC86TX kits to get familiar and experiment with the ICs. Now we are trying to adapt the Rx of the STEVAL-WLC38RX as used in a wearable d...

ALED1262ZT burn OTP I2C address

We've developed prototype board with 3 pcs AL1262ZT (https://www.st.com/en/power-management/aled1262zt.html). As a 'fresh device' it has 0x40 I2C address and it's need to specify unique addr (0x42, 0x44, 0x46) by burn OTP register. Our procedure: 1. ...

owiec by Associate
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stwlc38 firmware download issues

We use wireless charger RX IC stwlc38, though we tried to write firmware which provided by the link https://github.com/STwirelesscharger/STWLC38_NUCLEO_L476RG, but we met the CUT id mismatch during firmware writing via I2C interface and then the F/W ...

daveoh by Associate
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