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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution Mcu drive code GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_ST_WLC.7z...

willzhou by ST Employee
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Resolved! EVSPIN32G4 ST evaluation Board

  Hello, we're using the EVSPIN32G4 ST evaluation board. in this evaluation Board design with two microcontrollers (stm32f103cbt6 for debugging and STSPIN32G4 for motor control). Unfortunately, the STM32f103cbt6 microcontroller has failed!! We bought...

L6470 Switch Input

I am using a L6470 and everything is working fine with one exception. When I do the initialization of the step mode and configuration registers, if the SW input is low, then the initialization does not work. If the SW input is high, then everything w...

tborgoyn by Associate
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What is the difference between LDL212 and LDL1117

I was picking a 5V high-performance LDO for RF mixer, and found that the parameters of LDL212 are very similar to those of the LDL1117 two series, the specific models are LDL212PU50R and LDL1117S50R, I checked their PSRR and output noise is almost th...

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Resolved! Need help identifying specific PMIC.

Dear Community,I'm a repair technician and I trying to identify a damaged component made by STMicroelectronics.Based on the surronding components and circuitry its a PMIC/DC-DC Coverter but I cannot find this specifc one.As you can see, all the infor...

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Triac snubberless (bta-16-800bw) does not require a snubber in the circuit?Or would installing a snubber in the circuit have a good effect?The difference between BTA16-800BW and CW is the gate current difference.Will the current specification selecti...

Issue with ST1PS02 step-down converter

We are currently using the ST1PS02BQTR for powering a compact main board with BT connectivity (STM32WB5MMG), an IMU, and other ancillary blocks (LEDs, charge pump for LEDs, passives). The system is powered through two AAA batteries connected in serie...

como221e by Associate
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Problems connecting to STEVAL-WPC86TX with STSW-WPSTUDIO

Following on from Solved: Cannot connect STWBC86 to WPSTUDIO V1.8.4 - STMicroelectronics CommunityI am still getting the "Unable to find an [TX]WBC86 device"' message when' I try to connect.Originally the log file just showed the 'Failure to load DLL...

sjones by Associate II
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