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STEF01 Design Assistance

Hey everyone,I am currently working on adding the STEF01 eFuse to my design and I have run into a roadblock. For starters, I can't seem to get the eval board to function. I have added the resistors to the board and I have a load on the output side bu...

mkladis by Associate
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STCMB1 Second Level OCP Protection and Auxiliary Circuit

Hi,I am curious that how can ı choose electrolytic capacitor of auxiliary circuit? Firstly, I used 10uF electrolytic capacitor at Vcc pin.When I short circuit the output, the HB mosfets has failed.Then I notice that STCMB1 datasheet mention this topi...

MNafi by Associate
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STSPIN250 PWM current control

Hi, I am a bit confused about PWM motor driving. Is Vref the same value as Vavg of PWM? I tried to calculate the value of PWM current control but there have the result is not the same current value as I measured from a test, here are the parameters;R...

6ueiz by Associate
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STLINK-V3PWR power monitor.

Hi  I have been using the  NUCLEO-LPM01A board to measure current on my product, but I require to read up to 180ma . I have had a look at the STLINK-V3PWR unit, and can someone please let me know if I can simply use this wil the cube monitor power pr...

Average power dissipation of LDP01 series TVS diode

We require a TVS or zener diode for a clamping application with high average power dissipation. LDP01-56AY does suit our needs, but the maximum average power rating is not described in the datasheet. Our application has an ambient of around 60 degree...

SPV1040T Not Working as intended.

Hello, I'm trying to use the SPV1040T MPPT IC to boost up the 1.5V I'm getting from the Solar Panel to 3.8V. When I Power ON the MPPT IC its output just follows the Input and i don't see any chances of voltage getting boosted up. Is there anything wr...

Stalin by Associate II
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Identification of blown items.

Hi Can anyone id this st device please...Its from a porsche cayenne bms module...vehicle been in a crash and this has blown.... I have id from the another identical item on the board...st-6-6bky z916... This ive found is coming back as thishttps://ww...

PORSCHE 3 (2).jpeg PORSCHE 3 (4).jpeg
BHP4EVER by Associate
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STEVAL-L99615C demo load doesn't work

Hi,Now I work with the STEVAL-L99615C board and have some problem with it. I don't have an 5-cell board, so I connect charger and all needed saignals directly to the board. The board is configured to work in HS. GUI demo version 2.0.0.  Emb. version ...

MXliv.1 by Associate
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two questions using L6599

hi, I'm developing 48v 1kw.Is it possible to set the rising time within 50 ms using l6599ad?The datasheet uses Rss and RFmin to control the initial soft start, but it does not decrease to 400 to 500 ms at all. If you need a circuit diagram, I'll send...

Jyu.6 by Associate
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Resolved! VN920D-B5 chip

HelloSince the VN920D-B5 chip is not available, I am looking for a replacement. I am looking for another system with similar parameters.Please help me.

pietia by Associate II
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