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stm32mp157a-dk2, Qt application crashes with a “Segmentation Fault�? when screen touched multiple times in quick succession.

Hi Guys,I’m having an issue connecting a touch screen to stm32mp157a-dk2. My Qt application crashes with a “Segmentation Fault�? when I touch the screen multiple times in quick succession.Has anyone else reported this problem before?Here is my setup:...

JSpra by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32MP157x-EV1 stlinux device tree build

Hi. I have generated a full device tree for the EV1 to add I2C5 pins PA11/PA12 for external connector hookup to some of my I2C widgets using STM32CubeMX. I've place the generated .dts file from the kernel/ folder into <linux-source>/arch/arm/boot/dts...

ThePUP by Associate III
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SPI Configuration issue

Hi,I am working on a project where the hardware platform is based on STM32MP157c and the OS is Linux 4.19.9 .I am facing on a issue about device tree spi configuration.Following SPI_overview on kernel config has been modified with: CONFIG...

RBorr.1 by Associate
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