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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution 1.Mcu C drive code: GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs 2. Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_S...

willzhou by ST Employee
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TSC2020 - reference voltage

Hi,I can't find information in datasheet of TSC2020 how to connect reference voltage.https://www.st.com/en/amplifiers-and-comparators/tsc2020.htmlIn the componnet are two REF pin. This pins are shorted together or I can use two precise resistors to a...

Jarmuch by Associate
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Resolved! STPM32+XZM-CT50A01

I'm trying to use STPM32 with XZM-CT50A01, and the series resistor = 6.2 ohm. I thought ks = Rb/N = 6.2/1000. But I cannot measure the expected current.The load was 50mA but STPM32 respond 1.2A.The software may be OK because we have confirmed with EV...

Daichi by Associate
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Resolved! STWBC86 use for bi-directional communication

STWBC86 TX can be use for bi-directional communication, when rx send PP-packet as QI defined, STWBC86 update to 1251 version and use GUI to read i2c reg address 0x0100, and it can read RX PP-packet. https://github.com/STwirelesscharger/STSW-WPSTUDIO/...

willzhou by ST Employee
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Buck coverter with viper115XS

Hello,I'm developing a buck converter exactly like the schematic below. The only difference is the STTHL06 (D2) diode in the feedback loop. In my case, I'm using an ES1J diode, which has a 35ns recovery time. My problem is the output voltage, which s...


IPS160H diag pin impedance

Hi ST-Communitydoes anyone know what the off-impedance of the DIAG pin is when the chip is not powered or UVLO? There is a grey resistor to GND in the "Figure 1. Block diagram" with no description. The datasheet also states a max. leakage current in ...

fae by Associate
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SPV1050 Battery charging in case of loading

Hello there, I am planning to design an environmental IoT sensor node and i would like to incorporate the SPV1050 IC since it covers my project needs. I did extensive reading of the datasheet and there are some things I would like to get cleared:1. d...

PPats.1 by Associate III
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L6699 incorrect startup

Hello, I have an issue with the L6699. The controller initiates the start-up sequence but after a few pulses it stops permanently.I describe the application first:Vin=385VVout=39 to 60 VTransformer magnetization inductance Lm=127uHResonant tank induc...

SMPS working on 110V but not working on 220V

Dear Community,I was desinged a SMPS for my circuit which belowed picture. Its working on 110V AC and not any problem. But when I connect it to 220V AC output voltage is going down slowly and about 1 minute later its go to shutdown. I can not find an...

Mnemonic by Associate III
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