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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution 1.Mcu C drive code: GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs 2. Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_S...

willzhou by ST Employee
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Hi,   I am using L6470 for our stepper motor. Can I use it as motion tracking? Just like: If I change the target position, it will move to it... If not, is there any stepper motor drive from ST that can do it? Thanks, Christie

CSu.12 by Associate II
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Hi Dear I’d like to confirm how to read the date code of attached part. About 203,is that means year 2022,week 3?

Yoyo by Associate
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Rise time and fall time in datasheet interpretation query

Hi ST support team,My query is related to interpreting MOSFET datasheet info for switching info. I am an Applications Engineer at Synopsys Saber team. MAny of our automotive customers use MOSFETs from ST. We help them to model the MOSFET in Saber too...

rise_fall.png rise_fall_additional_mosfets.png
Hema by Associate
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Resolved! L9961 Register Map Excel File is missing

Dear Friends at Community;I am looking for the Excel file containing the register map for the L9961. I noticed it was not attached previously, although the revision history in the datasheet mentions that it was reattached in the latest version. Unfor...


Meaning of "Max" Values in Datasheet of SCT020H120G3AG

What is the meaning of the "max" values found in the datasheet of the SCT020H120G3AG SiC MOSFET for Vth and Rdson?  Is this the spread due to manufacturing or is already the possible aging/drift of the device also considered ?  Thank you in advance f...


Dear Sir,We purchased the STEVAL-GMBL02V1 board last week.We are working on the 3 Axis Gimbal controller using this board.Can you please share with me the latest updated firmware and also share Documentation to make this board functional for 3 Axis G...

Murthy by Associate
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K factor in VND7004AY High Side Driver with Iout = 1A

Hi everybody,In VND7004AY datasheet in table 8, there are NOT measures of K typical and its drift with Iout = 1 AIs there any available data ?The spread between typical minimum and max values is normally related to spread of components tolerance, tem...

PieroMAE by Associate
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STEVAL-ISV020V1 - total resistance

Hi @Peter BENSCH I hope all is well with you,As mentioned in a separate subject, I use my solar panel connected to the STEVAL-ISV020V1 to charge my LiPo battery. I wonder if you can help me figure out the total resistance of the STEVAL-ISV020V1 board...

rsmqu by Associate II
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Resolved! STWBC86 GPIO registers

Hello, I'd like to use GPIO00 ... GPIO04 as outputs to select the used coil from a coil array for power transmitting.  I've seen the i2c addresses of the GPIO's configuration at 0x30 and followed. I'm wondering what address is foreseen to read or wri...