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On launch the STM32CubeMon-UCPD icon appears briefly in the dock and then disappears. The application does not launch. 
Please see this thread for more info:  
I have successfully built the DRP1M1_DRP Dual-Role USB-C project targeting the NUCLEO-G474RE (supplied with X-CUBE-TCPP v4.4.0). The first time I tried RUN, I had to update the ST-LINK software on the NUCLEO board (it's brand new), but having done th...
I have installed the example USB-C projects using the General/Import Projects from Folder or Archive option targeting the NUCELO-G474RE:DRP1M1_DRPSNK1M1_SinkSNK1M1_SourceWhat do I need to do to make these regular STM32 projects such that the Build Al...
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