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Resolved! STM32MP135F QT5 can't execute gui aplication

Hi,I have a relatively easy question for the OpenStLinux I guess.I have a correctly prepared sdk image with QT (bitbake -k st-example-image-qt and bitbake -k st-example-image-qt -c populate_sdk) but can't correctly configure weston. I have a similar ...

MWoło.2 by Senior II
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How to PPP support for LTE modem connected over USB

I have added all required dependencies that I am able to detect the module and allocate with udev rules as modem_1..4 . I have also added ppp feature, but despite that when i dial, it shows some error as indiscipline and here is a log from /var/log/...

NP by Associate II
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Resolved! Is it possible to use i2c1 (0x40012000) in tf-a?

Hi!As far as I looked into the source code, only is i2c4 is used for communication to pmic.Our custom board has an external PLL connected to i2c1. The PLL needs an initial configuraion to provide 48MHz.It would be ideal if I could do this during tf-a...

GLaure by Senior
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Resolved! Add new locale to image

I need to create an application that can handle text translations with gettext() in C code.How to add localizations to the image to be generated?I added these configurations in the build recipe:ENABLE_BINARY_LOCALE_GENERATION = "1"GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCA...