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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution 1.Mcu C drive code: GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs 2. Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_S...

willzhou by ST Employee
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VNI8200XP Spice Model

i searched about the  spice model of  VNI8200XP (CAD resources ) to simulate with LTspice site but i couldn´t find  it , so could you provide it.thanks in advance  . 

ik97 by Associate
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2N5551HR LCC-3 Package Pin Orientation

Looking at the 2N5551HR datasheet pages 7 - 9, it is misleading where pin 1 is located. If you look at the UB package on page 7, pin 1 seems to be on the opposite side to the ident and dot. Does this also mean the LCC-3 package is also wrong. Can ...

I'm using the STC4054 Li-ion single cell charger in a design, the CHRG pin is supposed to have a weak pull-down when not charging but the current drawn is higher than specs

In the STC4054 datasheet, it says the CHRG pin is supposed to have a weak pull-down of max 35uA when no battery is connected yet. However, with a 4.7Kohm pullup from that pin to 3.3v, I measure a 1.2v drop, which indicates about 250uA of current. Wit...

PVaca.1 by Associate
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Help with nucleo board and pca9685 servo board

Hello everyone,I came here looking for help : I'm doing a project for an intership where i have to create an hexapod robot basically from the ground up, with particular interest in the electronics and programming part.As a main microcontroller, we ar...

FGuns.1 by Associate
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