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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution 1.Mcu C drive code: GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs 2. Python drive code, check attach file "Python_FT260_S...

willzhou by ST Employee
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L6599 vs L6699 behaviour of LINE pin

I refer to two (2) devices used for control of LLC DC-DC converter: L6599, and the newer L6699.In our application, we must enable and disable the gate drive output pulses via a separate signal. The transition from ENABLE to DISABLE must be instantan...

FBaro.11 by Associate II
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STEVAL-IPM15B short-circuit

I was using the STEVAL-IPM15B board to generate a single phase output between the U and V phases on a 24 ohms resistor load. Thus, I was also using only 2 pairs of IGBTs (A and B) out of the 3 available. Everything that was connected to the W phase ...

DGume by Associate
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Wireless Charging coil detection issue

Hi,We are using STEVAL-ISB68WA EVMs to validate Qi based wireless charging functionality for one of our application. It looks like our Qi standard transmitter is not able to detect the ISB68WA receiver, when tried placing on the top of the transmitte...

Shift by Associate II
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Resolved! The eva. board EVSPIN32F0601S3 works at the voltage from 50 to 280 V (DC or AC). I'd like to make this working 50 to 400 V AC(70 to 570V DC). What do I replace the low voltage device. I think I just need to replace the C44 (150uF / 420V). Is this right?

The VIP ER06XS is up to 800V.The T1 is need to endure 600V.The D28 STTH1L06A is up to 600V.The STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs power stage featuring:– V(BR)CES = 650 VThe STSPIN32F0601 is up to 600V.

TGoto.1 by Associate II
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Hai, I wanted to make a battery charger using non isolated boost IC. I came across this TSM Voltage and current controller IC. But this IC has been only used in insolated application. Is it possible to use this IC in non isolated converter. I w...

PG.6 by Associate II
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