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Build error after integrating Cube AI project

Hello,I am developing an AI classification model based on LSM6DSOX sensor data. Before adding the X-CUBE-AI software pack to Cube IDE, I was firstly developing the data acquisition code with the driver from X-CUBE-MEMS1, which I managed to do. After ...

How to modify the generated code from AI Developer Cloud?

I uploaded my ONNX model, and using the AI developer cloud, I downloaded the result as STM32CubeIDE Project. I successfully deployed it on the NUCLEO-F401RE board and I can see the analysis of the model on the terminal using Putty. Now, as the next s...

luck by Associate
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problem with cube ai

"I'm facing a challenge with implementing a model on my STM32 board. While the model works flawlessly on some boards, it encounters issues on others. I've verified the hardware compatibility, software configuration, and resource constraints across al...

NEjx by Associate
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how to manipulate the ai model with cube AI

helloim trying to deploy an AI model in the stm32f407 board that predict if its gonna rain or not based on the current temperature and humidity(either from a sensor or data given through teh serial monitor) (led on if its gonna rain and vice versa) w...

yessine by Associate II
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Issue faced while validating X Cube AI

I am trying to run an ONNX model trained using Scikit Learn on the STM32H735G-DK board. I am using STM32 cube IDE with X-CUBE-AI 9.0.0 enabled. I entered the model path, clicked the 'Analyze' button, and got an error  

Screenshot 2024-07-12 165853.png
ee1234 by Associate
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Hello, I would like to know if I can use FP-AI-Vision to design my own application, for example, to detect trees in a yard. Or is it designed only for the three applications: food recognition, person presence detection, and people counting?

MH24 by Associate
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Resolved! Power Consumption

I am testing DL model on different MCU platform. Is it possible to get the power consumption information?And is there any option to change the clock frequency of MCU? Ritesh

Ritesh1 by Associate
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