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Facing the issue while integrating CubeAI and CubeIDE

I am trying to make a voice controller light with the help of STM32F411RE. I have trained a model with the help of google colab and imported it in both the format that is .h5 and .tflite but initially it was showing that the space is full and then af...


Goodmorning, I have a problem with the validation on target of a CNN network on XcubeAI.I tried to validate the networks on desktop, and it runs, but, when I try to validate on target it gives me that error, I ask you if someone has a solution or som...

Luca4 by Associate II
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Resolved! Voice Clarity with Vibro-Acoustic Sensor Fusion

Hello, I'd like to know if ST could provide software package or any tutorial to realise the Vibro-Acoustic Sensor Fusion demonstrated in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi4NenlnR-k? I have an STEVAL-STWINKT1B on hand. Thanks in advance.  

JW1 by Associate
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Resolved! API-manual for ST Edge AI Developer Cloud generated C file for ISPU

In ST Edge AI Developer Cloud I generated the C library of a ST_LSM6DSO16IS_ispu_wand_dataset with platform selected as ISPU. I got many library files in which the major APIs are in the network.h and its c file. I need an API manual or documentation ...

Amith_lal by Associate III
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Debugging problem

Hello, I generated the C-code for my AI model using Cube AI, and I'm struggling with how to correctly set up the function calls and everything to initialize & run my model on Cube IDE. I made these first lines to verify if the returns were working fi...

Problem with "train.py" file ModelZoo

When I try to launch the "train.py" file, in conda virtual environment it gives me an error "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'logs_utils'". This is a module called on the code line 23 of the train.py. After that I've proceed with a "pip list" to...

Diogomv_0-1720615368274.png Diogomv_1-1720615507653.png
Diogomv by Associate
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