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Build error after integrating Cube AI project

Associate III


I am developing an AI classification model based on LSM6DSOX sensor data. Before adding the X-CUBE-AI software pack to Cube IDE, I was firstly developing the data acquisition code with the driver from X-CUBE-MEMS1, which I managed to do.


After adding the Cube AI software pack, I uploaded my .h5 file, analyzed and validated the model (both on desktop & target) and I didn't get any errors, so everything was fine.


However, after the generated code was integrated into the project, I started to get several build errors. I didn't change anything in my main.c or in any generated file, so I don't understand why this is happening.


For further information, my MCU is a STM32U585CIU6, and I attached a .txt file with the errors I had.

Could anyone help me, please? Thank you!