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Resolved! stm32ai generate error

The error occurs when I try to run the code generated for model squeezenetv1.1_xxx_tfs_int8.tflite The command I used to generate code is stm32ai generate -m squeezenetv1.1_128_tfs_int8.tflite -O ramAnd I follow the guide "How to run locally a c-mode...

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ManuZhu by Associate II
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Resolved! Error in "ram" optimization of STM32CubeAI

The error occurs in both Mac m1 and windows. When I use "stm32ai validate/generate" command, I find that "-O ram" outputs totally strange results. Let's use fdmobilenet_0.25_224_tfs_int8.tflite from stm32ai-modelzoo as an example. "stm32ai validate -...

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ManuZhu by Associate II
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Error when Validating on Target

I am trying to deploy an AI model on an MCU using Cube AI TFLite Micro runtime. The model is successfully flashed but I get the following error when the validation starts:[AI:network] stm32ai: error: argument --mode: invalid choice: 'stm32_io_only' (...

Flare by Associate II
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STM32Cube.AI workshop - 6 Neural Network (NN) Model creation

In the STM32Cube.AI workshop - 6 Neural Network (NN) Model creation - YouTube, tutacousticscenes2016 does not work. librosa returns an error message: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_soundfile_data'.  Please suggest a workaround.

Pradipta by Associate
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Problems with CubeMx's X-CUBE-AI code generation for the H7

Here are the software versions I'm using:STM32CubeMx - 6.3.0MCU package for STM32H7 - 1.9.0X-CUBE-AI - 7.0.0MCU - STM32H743ZITxIAR EW for ARM - 8.40.1I run into this problem since I have added the X-CUBE-AI software pack. every time I open the X-CUBE...

Fibo by Associate II
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