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Error in STM32CUBEIDE while analyzing a tensorflow lite model [X CUBE AI]

Associate II

good morning, I'm trying to import a neural network for NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) in the stm32 environment, but I can't complete the analysis due to the presence of the error: 

INTERNAL ERROR: unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 122836864 bytes for unpacking 4 bytes at offset 122836860 (actual buffer size is 1654784)

 The network is CNN type and I'm working with xcube ai v. 9.0.0 and stm32cubeide 1.15.1

I'm asking anyone if they know how I can solve the problem of the buffer size.

Belolw I share the link for the TFlite model (seq2point_CNN_converted_model.tflite), thanks in advantace.

ST Employee

Seems that your model is malformed I can't even open it with Netron.

At this point the tool is still using tensorflow 2.15.1, maybe the error comes from a more recent version of tensorflow


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