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Fdcan on stm32mp157d-dk1

hi, i am doing a project related to fdcan on m4 kernel of stm32mp157d-dk1, i have configured it like the tutorial video on youtube of stm32 STMicroelectronics, but they don't work, please help m...

Resolved! OPTEE panic in core_init_mmu_map

Hi, I have a custom board with a stm32mp153.  I was able to get past the trusted bootloader and into optee.  It builds the mmu map and then panics when checking it.  I am able to partially step through building the table and the memory starts to get ...

dkal by Associate III
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Resolved! DDR Utility can't turn on ddr clock

I am testing our custom board with stm32mp153a and I have customized the DDR utility so that the uart and pmic work.  I have used the RAM timings from cubemx that kind of work with TF-a.  I have the PLL2 values that also work with TF-a.  I get a DDR ...

dkal by Associate III
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stm32 watchdog issue

I have update uImage and dtb but I get this error during boot  Starting kernel ... E/TC:0 Panic 'Watchdog' at /usr/src/debug/optee-os-stm32mp/3.19.0-stm32mp-r1-r0/core/drivers/stm32_iwdg.c:198 <stm32_iwdg_it_handler>E/TC:0 TEE load address @ 0xde0000...

Linux driver is missing for VL53L5CX

I have tried to download the driver for VL53L5CX from this location, but there is nothing in this section. You please direct me to the location with the driver for VL53L5CX?Could I still us...