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Wireless Charging solution Wiki

This Topic is used for Wireless Charging solution Mcu drive code GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STWirelessCharging-C-Drivers: Standard C platform-independent drivers for wireless charging ICs  

willzhou by ST Employee
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M48T58Y-70PC1 timekeeper packaging

Hello, I need to replace a ST timekeeper model number M48T58Y-70PC1They are on an extended back order.  They have another battery model number 511-M48T58Y-70MH1F available, however the packaging is different.  Are there adaptors available where I wou...

aguarin by Associate
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PD3.1 adpater topology

Dear experts,I am looking for a solution for PD3.1 adpater. below are my questions.which topology is suitable for PD3.1 adapter, ACF or AHB Flyback? could you please explain why?why the power below 65W, the topology is usually use ACF rather than AHB...

powerguy by Associate
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How about SL-CNWLC05801V1?

At present, I have contacted the project about NFC power supply, but there has been no progress. The energy output through the EH pin of ST25DV has not successfully powered L4(MCU). Currently we know that SL-CNWLC05801V1 uses STM8, can its MCU be pow...

iso808 continuous current calculation

hello  I have gone through the datasheet of ISO808. In the datasheet  ILim is 0.7A but for Channel Output Current (continuous) it is mentioned as internally limited. could you please give data for that or Is there any formula to calculate per channel...

sabari1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Looking fro high speed LED driver

Hello,Not sure that the product I'm looking for exist. It should behave like LED driver but after looked through different LED I didn't find a product that meet my requirements:can drive 1 ... 15 LEDs connected in serieshave a possibility to change c...

Pavel_47 by Associate II
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LD1084 noise and spice recomendationss

Hello i want to use the LD1084 voltage regulator . I need to build a decoupling networks on the inputs and outputs of it. Is there are some recomendations regarding decoupling networks of this noise. Or if you have spice model of this component? Than...

yefimv by Associate
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Linear regulator ripple

We have a +/-12V regulated power supply as part of our board design.The board takes a 5V input and passes this though a TI DCP020515DU DCDC. This gives us +/-15V unregulated. Each 15V rail has been tested with loads up to 60mA (our requirement is 30m...

graeme1 by Associate II
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Wireless modular phone case accessories

Hi. We need help to integrate wireless charging Capabilities to phone modules.Each phone will carry space for 2 magnetized modules.[ external battery / wireless earbuds / vaping ]Phone models are: s22 and 23 ultra 5g +( battery module to send power t...

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