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STM32MP1 & ThreadX RTOS

Hi, during Embedded World I got MP135F devkit. I'm not into Yocto, but guy from ST told me, that MP1 can be used with RTOS but with halved max frequency. I have experiance with ThreadX on H735.Can you hint me how to start? Are there any tutorials? I ...

Pyrograf by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157 SDcard level shifter

Hi guys,The schematics for STM32MP15x-EVAL board (MB1263) uses a level shifter for SDcard from NXP (IP4856CX25) that is now obsolete. I found 2 close alternatives:ST6G3244MEBJR from ST, with one pin only (C4) different from IP4856TXS0206YFPR from TI,...

NCF by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP151aac custom board kernel not starting

I'm trying to get to know stm32mp1 while making a board for this thing.While using the default image provided by manufacturer seems to work. The kernel used is old compared to the current ST BSP and support from them isn't exactly great so I'm trying...

Resolved! Is byte lane swapping in 16x bit DDR3 RAM possible?

Hello,I read the AN5122 which explains in chapter 4.2, that the RAM lane byte 0 must be connected to byte 0 of the MP1 and that the bits swapping is not possible. However on the EV1 board, the bits inside byte 0 lane are swapped. Furthermore, i do no...

FWebe.3 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32MP157 - memory for the M4 core

Dear experts. ​we plan to use a STM32MP157, where the A7 core should have 512MB DDR RAM, and theM4 core 16 MB. What options exists, to give the M4 core that 16 MB of RAM?From the DS, i understand that the DDR RAM of the A7 is not accessible for the M...