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ADC Pin Setup

I am trying to set up 3 ADC.  I set PA4 to ADC1_INP18, PA5 to ADC2_INP19 and PF11 to ADC1_INP2.  Will this be something that works?  I am monitoring 3 lines (none NEED to be fast).I'm not clear on how to set this up.  I am multiplexing several inputs...

SLetter by Associate III
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Resolved! multiple ADC for gpio

Hi!! I have STM31mp157C and I want to use the ADC. I am exploring the available GPIOs and have observed that some are present in both ADC1 and ADC2.For example, according to the datasheet, PA4 can be used with ADC1/ADC2.Is there any difference betwee...

AVazquez by Associate III
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STM32MP157 Slave ADC can not get correct value.

Dear all,I have a question about ADC.When i used adc in dual regular simultaneous mode, master adc can get correct value, but slave adc can not.Does anyone have some idea?These are my ADC 1 and 2 configuration.In my understanding adcData_DMA = ADC_CD...

Ken_102633_2-1693187253128.png Ken_102633_1-1693186962285.png Ken_102633_0-1693186930718.png

DMA Buffer Index with Multi-Channel ADC

Hello!I am using the CortexM4 coprocesor on the STM32MP157F-DK2 to measure multiple ADC channels and update a control loop based on the values. I have set up ADC1 using the DMA2 in circular mode to read channels IN1, IN2, and IN4. I have a buffer set...

jutoroa by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP15x ADC Oversample

Could someone point me to some documentation about how to control the oversampling for ADC1 and ADC2 for the STM32MP157C?    Using OpenSTLinux 4.1.0, buildroot.   I looked around but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

Macdog by Associate III
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ADC in continuous mode only reading once

I am trying to read data using ADC1 continuously and copy it into a buffer via DMA.However, the data is only read and copied once (seemingly correctly), and afterwards nothing happens anymore (data in buffer does not change, ADC1_IRQHandler() is not ...

RPape.1 by Associate II
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