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Is it possible that PMIC NVM is changed accidently?

Hi all ~We're using STM32MP157C MPU + STPMIC1A for my custom board with ecosystem 4.1We've completed almost all of development for hardware and software. And we just made a sample of 30 units. Unfortunately, we've found some issue in specific 3 units...

STUSB1600 (USB-C) Alternatives

Hey,I am designing a board based on the STM32MP157F using the OSD32MP157F SOM as a base. I want to have a usb-c connector acting as a host and/or as hs_otg. Reviewing the DK boards schematics I see that the STUSB1600 is being used. I also see on the ...

Sindel by Associate
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Resolved! Steps to Lowest power

From my understanding of the documentation, my steps to lowest power (VBAT mode) on the STM32MP1-DK2 kit would be: Connect Battery to VBATSet BREN in TF-ADisable wake sources other than from PMIC and RTCenter sleep via: "echo mem > /sys/power/state"I...

BBeck.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP157 UART RX suspend wakeup

We are having issues with STM32MP157 UART7 (address 40018000) exiting low power CStop mode and waking up Linux (v4.19 from ST github).We have confirmed that CStop mode is entered, and it can be exited using an external interrupt (55 pmic_irq), howeve...

drew by Associate III
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Exit Low Power Mode M4 via CAN

Hi, i have a question regarding to exit the Low Power Mode on CM4. Is it possible that i can exit the CStop or CStandby Mode via an Rx Messages of the CAN Bus, when the CAN Bus is assigned to the M4. Iam confused because almost every Bus is listed in...

YRink.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP1 - Low power modes - Exit standby on CM4

Hi all,I'm runnig the example 'OpenAMP_TTY_echo_wakeup' on a STM32MP157C-DK2. My question is regarding the Option 5) in the readme.Here we put the system into standby and wake the CA7 up then. Afterwards there is no FW running no the CM4.My Question:...

KSchu.4 by Associate
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