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USART is really working in stmp157 ?

Hi All,i am using stmp157 customize board, with linux yocto build system, and using USART1 configure as a hardware flow control RS 232, and RTO interrupt. and what i found is that CTSIF is not toggling and the proper status are not getting update on ...

Vipul by Associate II
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ADC Pin Setup

I am trying to set up 3 ADC.  I set PA4 to ADC1_INP18, PA5 to ADC2_INP19 and PF11 to ADC1_INP2.  Will this be something that works?  I am monitoring 3 lines (none NEED to be fast).I'm not clear on how to set this up.  I am multiplexing several inputs...

SLetter by Associate III
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Boot from SLC NAND flash vs qSPI

Hi,I consider the boot option for our device. Normally we boot from qSPI EEPROM. STM32MP157 has an option to boot from SLC NAND. Does SLC NAND at STM32P157 have advantages in terms of read/write speed over qSPI? Thank you in advance!

mlytvyn by Associate
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USB Gadget does not recognize disconnect

Hello,I'm kind of stuck with my STM32MP157C custom board. In general, everything works fine except for the USB. I'm using the new Ecosystem 5 and using the USB OTG with the NCM Ethernet gadget. My USB has no ID pin wired and is in peripheral mode all...

JSala.3 by Associate II
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How to use STM32MP157AAD3T internal clock

Dear STM:       We would like to ask some quesions about how the internal clock of STM32MP157 series chips is used, in the handware instruction manual,only the use of external  clock is introduce,How dose STM32MP157 use the internal clock? 

lingwang by Associate
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STM32MP257F-EV1 availability date

STM32MP257F-EV1 availability date is 2024. Do you have a more precise date for this evaluation card?Thank you in advance for your responses.Best regards  

DRE by Associate
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TTCAN TUR division: rounding or truncating?

This is a request for clarification of the TUR (Time Unit Ratio) calculation in the TTCAN implementation of the FD-CAN peripheral that is part of STM32MP1xxx systems. Specifically: the TUR is composed of a numerator and a denominator, designated FDCA...

tarmasr by Associate III
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