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Resolved! STM32MP135 - BAREMETAL - UART - DMA

Hello, I am currently using bare-metal MP13 solution in CubeIDE. I want to integrate uart with DMA. After configuring DMA settings for uart4, a following fragment of DMA init code has been generated:NVIC is not available for Cortex-A, but still its f...


Resolved! STM32MP157 DK2 M4 debug issue

Dears,I'm using STM32MP157C-DK2 board in production mode.Now I'm debugging the firmware in M4 core. However, when I insert a breakpoint at DMA interrupt handler and wait for a while, it will crash the whole system (A7+M4) and lead to the reset.I also...

STM32MP157 Slave ADC can not get correct value.

Dear all,I have a question about ADC.When i used adc in dual regular simultaneous mode, master adc can get correct value, but slave adc can not.Does anyone have some idea?These are my ADC 1 and 2 configuration.In my understanding adcData_DMA = ADC_CD...

Ken_102633_2-1693187253128.png Ken_102633_1-1693186962285.png Ken_102633_0-1693186930718.png

DMA Buffer Index with Multi-Channel ADC

Hello!I am using the CortexM4 coprocesor on the STM32MP157F-DK2 to measure multiple ADC channels and update a control loop based on the values. I have set up ADC1 using the DMA2 in circular mode to read channels IN1, IN2, and IN4. I have a buffer set...

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