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USB Gadget does not recognize disconnect

Hello,I'm kind of stuck with my STM32MP157C custom board. In general, everything works fine except for the USB. I'm using the new Ecosystem 5 and using the USB OTG with the NCM Ethernet gadget. My USB has no ID pin wired and is in peripheral mode all...

JSala.3 by Associate II
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TTCAN TUR division: rounding or truncating?

This is a request for clarification of the TUR (Time Unit Ratio) calculation in the TTCAN implementation of the FD-CAN peripheral that is part of STM32MP1xxx systems. Specifically: the TUR is composed of a numerator and a denominator, designated FDCA...

tarmasr by Associate III
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Resolved! Information regarding the USBH from reference manual

Hi     I am working on a custom board based on STM32MP157A . For USBH_EHCI while checking the register (USBH_EHCI_INSNREG05) mentioned in the reference manual (RM0436) it was mentioned to refer to UTMI specification. could you please suggest / share ...

Srikanth1 by Associate III
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Resolved! USB PHY issue in STM32mp157A

Hello,I am working on a custom board based on STM32MP157A and I am getting all the bits correctly but getting values at reserved bits in USBPHYC version register (Internal) which are supposed to be reserved  as per the reference manual.Below mentione...

USBPHYC_ReferenceManual.png Screenshot from 2023-12-05 17-24-39.png
Srikanth1 by Associate III
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Outdated Documentation - Perform an SSH Connection

Not sure where to put it so I'll put it here.  It looks like the "Perform an SSH Connection" document is out of date (unless this is referring to another process).  According to the page, you SSH with:ssh root@

JayDev by Senior II
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