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STM32MP157CACxx: 32 bits LPDDR3 support?

Hello,I'm considering to use Kingston 04EM04-N3GM627 as the memory and storage for STM32MP157C/F with 32-bit LPDDR3 support. The Kingston part has 16M words × 32 bits × 8 banks, but the evaluation board uses two 16 bits memory parts. Is this Kingston...

fcl by Associate
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Resolved! Support for 4 chips, 8bit ddr3 either 512m*8 or 1G*8?

Hey All,So I know it's mentioned in the data sheet that the stm32mp1xx MPU's only support 16/32 bit DDR ram, and that it also mentions the limit of 1GByte total ram,  but I just wanted to confirm this isn't possible and specifically why as I cannot f...

Issue regarding DDR3

HelloI'm using stm32mp157aaa3 processor in our custom board.And I'm working on DDR3L with arm-trusted-firmware(V2.5) ddr3 routines as my reference code and reference manual(RM0436) and Application not(AN5168).When I am hard-coding the register values...

Resolved! STM32MP131FAF7T how to program PMIC

I have a custom built  STM32MP131FAF7T board and can't set my VOUT2. The only line that is down is my VDD DDR Lines since I can't program my PMIC (STPMIC1DPQR) to have the VOUT2 to be 1.35 volts instead of 1.1 volts. My VCPU is at 1.2V, VDD is at  3....

T_Dodd by Associate
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