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Resolved! How to setup FDCAN on STM32MP157F-DK2?

Hi everyone! I'm here with my devkit and trying to have FDCAN working properly! I compiled the Yocto distribution for the board and I followed all the tutorials in the wiki ( ) and here's what I came up ...

SScar.2 by Associate III
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Recommendations for web server and platform

I have several devices connected through a CAN network. Using an STM32MP1 I want to build a web frontend that can be used to not only issue commands but also receive arbitrary data and present it to the user. (Data from the devices).I'm trying to f...

Hi, i am using stm32mp157c in my when the CAN interrupt is invoked after that the Button Interrupt stop working.both device tree nodes are following.

GPIO for button is 98.GPIO for CAN is 92.In dts file,button: gpio-keys {        compatible = "gpio-keys";        #address-cells = <1>;        #size-cells = <0>;        status = "okay";        button1: plugin-gpio {            label = "plugin-gpio";  ...

JSola.3 by Associate
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