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iOS NFC Multi-Area Reading Issue

I'm encountering an issue with NFC functionality on iOS, specifically related to reading multiple areas. I have an NFC tag that stores data across three distinct memory areas. Using an Android device, I can effortlessly access all three areas with ju...

acarello by Associate
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Resolved! ST25R95 0x87 Response from SENDRECV

I am in the final stretch of my project using the ST25R95 with an ATTINY88.  I am working on custom hardware and not using libraries.I have all of the ST25R95 related commands working on my development setup with an Arduino UNO and X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 b...

PDIhawk by Associate III
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Resolved! [ST25DV] Restore RFSwitchOn (RF disabled)

Hello everyone,before introducing you to the issue I am experiencing, let me share my setup:uC: STM32U585I2C: Fast Mode PlusIde: STM32CubeIdePower Source: 3.6VDC (laboratory power supply)st25dvxxkc package: GitHub st25dvxxkc RF Reader: ST25 App (Goog...

pa0grg by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25DV on Xamarin.ios

I'm developing an app in Xamarin in order to read and write via mailbox the ST25 chip. In Android everything works fine but on iOS it's more complicated. Has anyone some example in Xamarin.iOS?Thankyou Davide.


Hi am using ST25R3911B DISCOVERY Board, and I am using ISO15693 Single read and write function.but this function not work properly and i found an err code after execution the code.the value not to be read and write properly. but  st25r3911WriteTestRe...

Resolved! Does the minimum of the S11 curve at the resonance frequency depend on the resistance of the antenna

I was trying to fabricate a flexible NFC antenna for m24lr chip. Initially, I fabricated my design on a copper PCB. It worked perfectly fine with my NFC chip and facilitated NFC communication. I observed its S11 curve using a NanoVNA with a loop prob...


Error logging in to ST25DV04k

I always get the error:-[NFCTagReaderSession transceive:tagUpdate:error:]:888 Error Domain=NFCError Code=100 "Stack Error" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Stack Error, NSUnderlyingError=0x282891950 {Error Domain=nfcd Code=54 "Session não ativa" User...

Resolved! Possible bug in ST25NFC_Embedded_Lib_ST25R3911B_1.5.0

We use ST25NFC_Embedded_Lib_ST25R3911B_1.5.0 for our current project.There are some example inside.In all example in stm32l4xx_hal_msp.c are the following code:/* Configure all GPIO port pins in Analog Input mode (floating input trigger OFF) except d...

CanRF by Associate
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Resolved! Relation between NFC antenna size and reading range

Hi @Brian TIDAL  @Rene Lenerve  @JL. Lebon Can you please help me understand how antenna size in st25dv64kc tag effect the reading range and another question is like in iso15693 tag reading range is 60cm but practically working with tag my experience...

PoolBear by Associate III
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Resolved! NFC03A1 unable to read/write mifare classic tags

 we are attempting to read wristband mifare classic tag using NFC03A1NFC03A1 is able to detect the tag UID.when we execute ndefPollerReadBytes().. directly, we get ret = 04 (ERR_TIMEOUT)need some sample code to read this tag...from your forum i under...

venukrish by Associate III
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