ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Hi Community,I´m trying to import this driver for my custom board,fp-sns-stbox1/Drivers/BSP/Components/st25dvxxkc/st25dvxxkc.c at main · STMicroelectronics/fp-sns-stbox1 ( someone explain this more? why should NULL be written in ICREF...


Resolved! ST21NFCD_Application_Tool

Hi, we are using ST21NFCD in one of our wearable products. I am referring to the document: "AN_21NFCD_Antenna_Matching_RF_Config Rev 7" to know about the NFC antenna design and tuning. It is mentioned here about the application tool used for impedanc...

Resolved! LL driver for reading register of ST25DV64KC

Hi community,since I cannot find a suitable LL-driver for reading register with 16bits address, here is my experiment.the nfc tag init function: the ReadID funciton is called, in background is GetICREF low level the BSP_I2C2_Read16 functi...

Danny0007_3-1707670881254.png Danny0007_1-1707670564641.png Danny0007_0-1707670333905.png Danny0007_4-1707670999633.png

Resolved! ST25R95 Reboot Loop on Reading Tag

I have been working on getting my Arduino based code running using an Arduino UNO SMD and the X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 with the ST25R95.I have good communication and can enable the ISO15693 protocol.My next step is to read a tag and have implemented a SendRe...

PDIhawk by Associate III
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Resolved! ST25R95 Tag Read UID sequence

I am developing a device that uses the ST25R95.  The end processor will be an ATTINY88 but for development purposes I am using an Arduino UNO and the X-NUCLEO development board.  I am developing the code in Arduino.  The main goal is to use the devic...

PDIhawk by Associate III
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