ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Error logging in to ST25DV04k

I always get the error:-[NFCTagReaderSession transceive:tagUpdate:error:]:888 Error Domain=NFCError Code=100 "Stack Error" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Stack Error, NSUnderlyingError=0x282891950 {Error Domain=nfcd Code=54 "Session não ativa" User...

Unable to Download Software

I'm trying to download a software, but a message appears "This software is not available for download". But when I sign out and try to download as a guest I receive a link in my inbox and the download starts. how can I solve this issue to download di...

Resolved! Does the minimum of the S11 curve at the resonance frequency depend on the resistance of the antenna

I was trying to fabricate a flexible NFC antenna for m24lr chip. Initially, I fabricated my design on a copper PCB. It worked perfectly fine with my NFC chip and facilitated NFC communication. I observed its S11 curve using a NanoVNA with a loop prob...


Resolved! NFC. memory M24LR 64 ER

I would like to know if the M24LR 64 ER memory using NFC already has support for IOsxx. I am trying to read and write data to this memory but without success, I receive errors 100 and 103.

Resolved! Issue with I2C mailbox write and read

Using st25DV tag on our embedded system. In short, the second I2c read does not display the same data that was written. It differs, as the first byte changes to 0xFF. When I write to the mailbox the first time, and then read the data, it's the same. ...

DS.4 by Senior II
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Resolved! Read data from NFC tag with MB1054B board

Hello, I am using MB1054B board with STSW-95HF002 software package to develop my own application to read ISO14443A NFC tag. In the STSW-95HF002 software package there are several functions that read/write data from the tag. But the data read from the...

Kenadams by Associate II
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